FinEst Metallid OÜ was founded in 2005. We started with the wholesale and retail of metal profiles, followed up by plasma cutting services and manufacturing of details. Since 2013, we have been fully specialised on the processing of reinforcing steel and manufacturing of reinforcement steel products. Reinforcement elements form a major part of our production, which reach the customers in a finished state, ready to be put into the mould.

Our focus lies on our customers, to whom we try to provide solutions within the whole range of the reinforcement spectrum, from stirrups to manufacturing complex details. We assure the quality of our products, allowing the customers to focus on concrete moulding, thereof increasing their production volumes and speeding up the production process.

In cooperation with our customers, we will always find solutions to technical and logistical questions. Our professional and motivated team can find answers even to the most complicated questions.


Our aim is to make the life of concrete handlers easier and provide them with high-quality reinforcements!


We keep up with new trends in concrete manufacturing and respectively improve our processes, equipment and machines – therefore assuring competitiveness and sustainability. We plan to invest in innovative equipment and machinery which will help us to retain competitive prices and high-quality of our products.